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Transaction fees on DEX exchanges are insanely high:



up to $100+

Gas Fee

Spending on fees (August 2020)




But this is about to end

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We started our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Help us become the largest and most profitable DEX in the world. Invest in FeeLess and become our shareholders to get part of a multi-billion market.
We accept both FIAT and Cryptocurrency.
Min investment: $190.

Why FeeLess is the Best DEX

Developed on a no-fees underlying network
Institutional reference for high-traffic platforms
The most scalable DEX infrastructure


Why Choosing FeeLess?

FeeLess is a decentralized protocol on top of the IOTA (a zero-fee open-source, secure data and financial infastructure).
IOTA will release its smart contracts very soon and we must act now.
This makes FeeLess cheaper and more attractive than any other DEX.

FeeLess is a DEX dApp with a User Interface and governance token. Liquidity providers will be set up in a similar way to Ethereum. FeeLess  exploits the IOTA smart contracts, Assembly Network, and IOTA’s Digital Assets framework.

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How to lead DeFi and DEX to massive adoption and exponential growth

The Market

Size, Goals, and Revenue Streams

Global Market

DeFI assets value
DEX trading vol.

Market Share Goal

Trading market share objective: $7B
Annual est. revenue: $17.4M

Our Initial Revenue Streams

The underlying infrastructure makes the transactions cheaper but helps grow their volume and value massively.

There are many paths to success. Here’s how we love to reach companies and individuals interested in making good money in the DeFi industry.


Go-To-Market Strategy - img3
Our doors are open to any business and individual who want to make money in the DeFi industry.
Anyway, our platform is specifically designed for crypto investors and crypto traders.

Fundraising Goal

1,000K USD

Funding Sources

IOTA’s Assembly Ecosystem Fund


70% token supply will be distributed to developers, creators & contributors.

Other funding sources

Angels, crypto & institutional investors

Other funding sources

Binance seed fund, traditional DEX, STO


Our strategy and plan to become the best DEX in the market.

Our mission is to enable the most innovative, accessible, and scalable decentralized exchange platform to bring your investment and profit to the ultimate level. Investors and traders don’t have constraints anymore. They can make much more transactions and save thousands of dollars every day.


March 2022
Start of Equity Crowdlisting Campaign
28 settembre 2022
Shimmer network launch


28 marzo 2023
ShimmerEVM Testnet launch
December 2023
DEX platform completion


December 2024
End of the initial funding round
Our Founding Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Roger Giuffrè CTO FeeLess Ltd
Roger Giuffrè
Founder, CEO/CTO

Tech entrepreneur & computer scientist


Antonio Censabella CEO/CFO FeeLess Ltd
Antonio Censabella
Founder, CFO

Hedge Fund Manager & Entrepreneur


Denis Giuffrè CCO FeeLess Ltd
Denis Giuffrè
Founder, CCO

Business and creative communication


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